Leah Darling, PLC
Myofascial Release & Pilates Center Scottsdale
"Leah Darling is an Expert level Myofascial Release Therapist and is one of the most talented therapists I have trained and mentored.  She demonstrates Therapeutic Mastery in her work with each and every person she touches, fully utilizing her intuitive and sensitive approach in treatment sessions with clients. In addition, she exhibits a supportive and nurturing approach when assisting me with seminar instruction. Leah's unique and multifaceted talents allows her to share her mastery and ongoing learning of the John F Barnes Myofascial Release resulting in amazing outcomes with her clients". ~ John F. Barnes, International lecturer, author and authority on Myofascial Release. Director and Developer of the John F. Barnes Treatment and Training Centers.

"Leah is the consummate professional...Truly and expert in her field and my most trusted manual therapist colleague". ~ Jeff Angeline, MEd, PT, ATC/L President Angeline Physical Therapy.

"I had been a long time distance and adventure runner until I developed three herniated discs which not only curtailed my running but left me in constant pain.  My doctor recommended that I see Leah Darling, who he indicated was the best in the area.  She was able to effectively eliminate my pain and has allowed me to continue with an active physical life.  Leah has a unique skill set that combines formal training with an intuitive understanding of the source(s) of pain that allows her to treat them appropriately.  I would recommend Leah to anyone regardless of their physical condition if you are looking to improve your overall health". ~  Phil C.

"I am a therapist and was treated over a period of over at least seven years.  Her touch is wonderful!  She really connects with you deeply, in a very healing way. I was able to become a better therapist by working with her. She was able to help me heal some long held trauma in my body.  I can recommend that you receive treatment from Leah without hesitation whatsoever. You will not be disappointed!" ~ Matt S.

"Leah helped me not only get rid of my hip pain, but has also deepened my confidence and respect for the Myofascial Release work.  Opening yourself up to this work is a journey and with the right therapist it is profound and amazing. Leah was definitely the right therapist for me.  I know that my MFR work with Leah has been truly healing and inspiring". ~ Chrisanthi F.

"I had extreme back pain for a year prior to being treated by Leah.  I saw 6 different medical professionals (2 back doctors, 2 PT's and 2 chiropractors) and had received epidural steroid injections.  Leah has an extraordinary knowledge of how the human body functions, which she is able to treat with her skills in Myofascial Release, her expertise in Physical Therapy and her extensive Pilates Training. She is a professional who genuinely cares about your health and returning you to the activites that you love. She is always teaching you techniques you can do at home to better yourself. I am forever thankful for her commitment to my progress and the help she gave me when I thought that all hope was lost". ~ Kelly O.

"A lot of research went into finding the best Physical Therapist in town after I had back surgery.  Leah was the leading choice among all the doctors we contacted.  I could have not been happier with my results! I was not in great physical shape, and Leah's therapy worked wonders in my recovery.  I miss Leah tremendously and would recommend her to anyone-Ohio's loss is Arizona's gain".  ~ Shannon O.

"Leah is not only gifted as a therapist working on the physical level, but her intuitive skills are most usable on the non-physical level.  Her wholistic approach accelerates the healing process of the body, mind and spirit".  ~ Barbra R.

"Leah's detailed and accurate knowledge of anatomy and muscles really helped me to work specific muscle groups effectively. Pilates is the quickest and most accurate way to hone in on exact muscles. Leah's instructions and cues really helped guide me to perform the right movements". ~  Deb B-Anatomy Instructor
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