Leah Darling, PLC
Myofascial Release & Pilates Center Scottsdale
Treatment Approach

My approach to working with clients is unique in the current healthcare climate.  I like to keep things simple and focused working with clients: it is only you, my treatment space and Pilates equipment. My office is a quiet, private treatment space.   You will be working with me 100% of the time one on one for an hour. There are no students or assistants.   Upon completion of your initial evaluation we then focus on your treatments.   My approach with each and every client is individualized, specific and holistic.

 The cornerstone of my treatments is Myofascial Release.  This type of manual therapy focuses on the connective tissue called fascia.  Fascia surrounds and infuses each and every structure of the body down to the cellular level.  As the fascia has tightened down and hardened in areas it can cause pain, decreased flexibility, numbness, tingling and many other symptoms.  Fascial restrictions may be caused by a prior injury, trauma or surgery that created tightness, weakness or faulty movement patterns.   Myofascial Release softens and lengthens fascial restrictions, which allows the tissues of the body increased tissue flexibility, pliability and decreased pain.  Pilates exercises then can be used to increase your strength and flexibility. As Joseph Pilates states, “Movement Heals”.

My goal is to find and treat the CAUSE of your pain and return you to your active lifestyle as soon as possible.    Everything is interconnected in the body.  In my training and experience I have often discovered: “find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause”.  It is not uncommon that the true source of pain at a distance sight from where you are feeling your pain. Treatment may include other regions of your body in addition to the localized area of your pain to restore optimal function and mobility.

 Most Physical Therapy clients will require treatment 1-2 times a week, with a gradual decrease in frequency as your symptoms improve. Each treatment session is designed to address your specific goals and will be modified according to your response to treatment and progress toward your goals.  I will instruct you on a self care program and it will be your responsibility to carry through with those exercises at home.  Our time spent together in session will be spent on Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy or utilizing the Pilates apparatus.   Once you have met your specific initial goals, we can re-evaluate your frequency and set new goals for continuing your follow up sessions.   

 I look forward to working with you soon!  Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or to discuss possible treatment options specifically designed for you.

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